Martyn Burke works in a multitude of worlds, moving between novels, films, and documentaries. He has published six highly acclaimed novels, has recently won the Peabody Award the International Press Academy Auteur Award, and has been nominated for Emmys, Directors Guild, and Writers Guild awards for his feature and television films. He has made award winning television and theatrical documentaries including the Academy Award-short listed Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, and on other topics ranging from traveling carnivals to terrorism.


Winner of the Peabody Award and shortlisted for the Academy Awards, Martyn Burke's latest film UNDER FIRE: Journalist In Combat, takes the viewer into the psychological cost of covering wars. Having been through wars himself, Burke lets the latest wave of combat reporters tell of the invisible toll that war takes as jarring footage of what they experienced plays on the screen.

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Music for Love and War

The latest novel Published by Tyrus

Carl Hiaasen, New York Times best selling author of  "Razor Girl", "Bad Monkey" and many others. “Music for Love or War is slash-and-burn funny, but also unexpectedly touching and wise.

Commissar's Report

Published by Houghton Mifflin

“One of the most entertaining and hilarious novels of the year”
. . . UPI

“A wonder of intense cinematic storytelling . . . ”
— The Wall Street Journal.

Published by Bantam

“Burke has created a vast, unruly quintessentially American landscape. Prepare to get carried away . .“
— Washington Post

Published by Harper Collins

“Martyn Burke offers a master class in timing and subtlety....the answers come, pulling us into the character's dilemmas, making us care, keeping us turning the ages . . . With so much drama,
—Toronto Globe and Mail

Published by 1st Books

Excerpt of the sequel to Ivory Joe, a novella.

Published by Doubleday

“One of the best fictional Vietnam scenes yet published“ — Washington Post
“A savagely funny remarkable book.“
— Toronto Sun
“The Catch-22 of Southeast Asia“
— Publishers Weekly.

Published by Harper Collins

“Tiara lives up to its publishers billing as 'a cinematic ride'”
- Quill and Quire